A merry heart does well like a medicine but a broken spirit dries the bones. Proverbs 17:22 

喜樂的心乃是良藥;憂傷的靈使骨枯乾。箴 言17:22

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2012 Martial Arts Instructor International Exchange Program

To reflect the development of martial arts and diversity, NJTCA has specially selected Miss.Yu-Hua Chen and Miss.Yu-Hui Chen for their Aikido expertise. Yu-Hua Chen and Yu-Hui Chen have participated in the National Chung Cheng Cup Aikido Championship, and both received the second place. We believe that through this exchange, there will be great benefits for the growth of martial arts.


 2011 Martial Arts Instructor International Exchange Program

We are excited to extend an invitation to Man-Yun Fan for the 2011 Martial Arts Instructor International Exchange Program.

Man-Yun Fan has highly impressive achievements in Tai Chi, including receiving silver medals in the Tai Chi Sword competition at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and in the Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi Sword competitions at the 2009 World Games.


Tai Chi Dinner Party on Saturday, July 23, 2011 

NJTCA's Tai Chi Dinner Party was held on July 23rd, with a great turnout of over 90 attendees. It was a very eventful night with special performances from Man-Yun Fan, Sitan Chen and Peili Hu. Also Master Ted Peng awarded the certification presentation for those who passed the level exams.

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2010 International Tai Chi Seminar and Demonstration

The New Jersey Tai Chi Association (NJTCA) and International Tai Chi Federation (ITCF) held the "2010 International Tai Chi Seminar and Demonstration" on May 27, 2010.  This event took place in Tenafly, New Jersey and was a success.  NJTCA president, Ted Peng, introduced Yang style Tai Chi and the current developments of the style, taught of the importance of Tai Chi, and points for practicing. ITCF president, Jacy Chen talked about the traditional Yang style Tai Chi, the origin, developments, and the differences between the other Yang styles. NJTCA and ITCF’s members then demonstrated the different Tai Chi forms. Attendees were ecstatic to see the demonstrations and very appreciative. Peng and Chen presented beautiful certificates to the 16 students who passed the Tai Chi level exam held earlier.  There will be future exams and seminars that will take place, so please check for information and updates. 


Photos for certificate presentation of NJTC Tai Chi level exam, please click here-----

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NJTCA the 4th Annual Chinese New Year Dinner Party 02-15-10



The 2009 International Tai Chi Martial Arts Exhibition

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